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The Last Enchantment – The Battle

The Last Enchantment-Volume 4

The Last Enchantment, ‘These were the planets beyond the darkness of space and time, where it would lose its continuity. The questions, which would intrigue the boys  frequently was the reasoning that had led them to the distant planets? These questions befuddled their already daunted minds;But James, tried to make sense of this inscrutable mystery. The mystery of his  Mother, Lindiarna, the  good and the bad creatures they had met and would meet again. These along with  the daring  escapades they would inevitably encounter and Morkann, evil of all evil was darker than ever!

Morkann and arrow

Chiron – The lead Centaur in a battle from the grounds of Moradiya. Chiron2

battle scene final

Aspero, the Lupan Leader sits proudly on Ara , projecting his fierce strength.


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November 18, 2014 · 1:30 pm

The Last Enchantment – Bookmarks

‘The Last Enchantment’ book 4 from, ‘The Adventures of Tom McGuire’, Sci-Fi series promises to be an exciting new read for 2015. Here are  two   book marks from the series.
 . bookmark_moriadiya_web1The Noble Artist's photo.

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The Last Enchantment – Vol 4


The dark world sees no bounds and the light does not shine in darkness. This book, is a  Sci-Fi fantasy narrative, introducing good over evil. The main plot revolves around two brothers, who re-visit an extra-terrestrial world with their Mother. Convinced she must return she eventually accompanies them. As the narrative develops the brothers encounter malicious characters who wish to end their life. However, it becomes imperative that once visited their Mother must remain in her land but in doing so she must forfeit her life. Turmoil for the whole family erupts. Love between siblings are disrupted and sacrifice amongst the family is all found in the story of ‘The Last Enchantment ‘.

The Last Enchantment – vol 4ISBN-13: 978-1500708290
ISBN-10: 1500708291. Book to Be Out  in MAY 2015

full front cover vol 4

The image, below is one of the final scenes for a battle to save the dominion worlds.  It’s one of  my favourites and I love the colours I asked for from my brilliant ‘Noble Artist’.  A little frightening, and a  little dark still you can feel his strength.  If  you can then you have to read the book. The clash of the Dominion worlds may end in strife, but will Aspero defeat all.
Out very soon.

battle scene final Aspero is on his brave horse Ara whilst Chiron the Centaur lashes out at Morkann’s Ghouls deadly meetings in the battle of the Dominion lands.

Moradiya lighten The dark world sees no bounds and the light does not shine in darkness.

Where there is light there will always be goodness. Where there is light there will always be goodness. No evil can reign where light prevails.

Oblivionara lighten

In the 4th book evil tries to rage it’s wrath and creatures are met changing into characters who wish to befriend the righteous. The battle is always fierce.  Iktomi, the trickster displays as a menacing dragon, fearless and hungry, but will he destroy Tom and Jambalee before he tries to satisfy his hunger.




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