Press Release – The Dream Catcher ISBN:-13: 9781449081836

Two brothers discover long-lost land in new fantasy novel

Rayner Tapia builds a fantasy world where good battles evil and humans live alongside celestial creatures in “The Dream Catcher: The Adventures of Tom McGuire”

 LONDON – In Rayner Tapia’s new sci-fi fantasy “The Dream Catcher:
 The Adventures of Tom McGuire” (ISBN 1466353775), two brothers discover the long-lost land of their mother’s celestial origin, a land called Oblivionarna. While exploring this strange, hidden territory, the teenage siblings, Tom and James McGuire, learn that their mother came to Earth to live as a human to escape the wrath of an intergalactic princess who was determined to destroy her.

This is the third volume from, ‘The Adventures of Tom McGuire -The Dream Catcher’ the boys are trying to defend and preserve their family and take on a number of adventures in parallel universes. They commune with Native American figures from Chippewa tribal lore. One boy searches for true love with a girl and finds himself rescuing a unicorn from distress. In another world, they witness cosmic fireballs and fend off an army of ghouls.

Yet these fantastical scenarios are not just whimsical sci-fi creations but vessels for an epic drama where good battles evil. In the tradition of C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” and J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series, the fictional universe of “The Dream Catcher” is rich with Christian symbolism, scripture and imagery. Dreamy and dramatic, the book’s characters may inhabit an alternate world, but in their quest to discern right from wrong, they find real love, are brave in the face of danger and also face everyday human struggles. This fast-paced fantasy will appeal to teens and adults alike who enjoy magical adventures.

“Set in a dreamy alternative universe of celestial creatures and Native American lore, ‘The Dream Catcher’ is my attempt to write sci-fi fantasy with a biblical theme” Rayner Tapia says.

“The Dream Catcher: – The Adventures of Tom McGuire” is available for sale online at and at all channels where book s are sold.

About the Author:

Rayner Tapia was born in Birmingham, England and has lived in London for most of her adult life.

She is an instructor of computer software for both corporate training and in schools and colleges. Her first book was released in 2009 achieving the 2009 British Hafta Award for Young Achievers.


Rayner Tapia


Phone:             07946 516942




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