Magnificent Reveal – Meet my characters

Magnificent Reveal

Amber Rawlings & James McGuire
She is strong, fearless, ambitious a loyal friend. 

Ezekiel – Wizard of Good

Ezerkeil new 10The voice spoke in a loud raspy shrill, whilst holding a ball of wafting wispy smoke in the palm of his hand. He was wise and old appearing as a noble character.

The light dispersed away only to display a tall robust, robe covered creature. Ezekiel, emerged through a blue, green haze. He sauntered closer towards James and Amber. Although he towered over James he was like an emblem of goodness.

His skin was purple. He appeared as a strong creature, towering over both James and Amber. He was covered heavily with a thick dark robe and a large droopy hat. He stood bold and sturdy, holding with his right hand a wooden rustic staff, at the top of which were two sharp pointed horns and a revolving metallic ball. From his left palm he conjured soldering burn, which wafted into the galactic airspace. He was mesmerising to look at, but too gruesome to stare at for any length of human time.

Zoran – Fire Creature

The fire creature continued in intimidating Ezekiel together with his army trying to hide the fire ball holding James’s Mother from view.Zoran

“So, James, if you want your Mother back, you must renounce your throne! Simple!”  The fire creature boomed his eerie message, leaving a menacing cackle and then disappearing into a bright flash of light, just as quick as he appeared letting out a witch’s wail.  As the fire creature disappeared a lingering pungent smell of toxic sulphur oxide smothered the space around.

James tried to cover his eyes protecting it from the heat, Amber quickly shot back behind Ezekiel.  A teary-eyed water-logged James turned to Amber in despair.  Ezekiel glared at both James and Amber.

“Prince James, do not be afraid.  Come, like I said, ‘Always expect the unexpected.’  Your Mother is alive Prince James and so is your brother, we must travel to the Sacred Mountain, as quick as we are able to.  We will all be safe there”. Suggested Ezekiel.

“So, tell me, who was THAT creature covered in flames?” asked Amber bravely.

Sacred Mountain

Carved face

From the Sacred Mountain of the Secret Alliance where  Thirteen Sages roam free.   James and Amber wonder through the treacherous  barren land. Until they are escorted by  Ezekiel  and his dragon towards the Sacred Mountain.

Then the red-fire dragon took flight through the rugged infinite space opening his ginormous scaled wings to navigate them straight to the opening of  the Sacred Mountain. The carved face from the raw mountain beckoned his flight to the Secret Alliance of thirteen Sages! From the Sacred Mountain of the Secret Alliance where  Thirteen Sages roam free.

James and Amber wonder through the treacherous  barren land. Until they are escorted by  Ezekiel  and his dragon towards the Sacred Mountain.


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New Book! Magnificent Reveal

Source: New Book! Magnificent Reveal

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New Book 2018! Magnificent Reveal


James in barren planet 1Magnificent Reveal

By Rayner Tapia


Banished James embarks on an expedition to bring his brother back to Earth. His mission is to stop the powerful demon Queen Morkann in her dark ambitions. He invites his feisty scientist friend, Amber Rawlings to accompany him. Although reluctant she joins him and they both reach the strange lands through the Milky Way where good and evil forces commence battle. Will goodness prevail?

fire breathing dragon


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Accalimed Author in USA

Jacqui Murray

Received this email from an acclaimed Author based in the USA.
Jacqui Murray is an Educator, Author /editor of over a hundred books on integrating tech into education, adjunct. She is a  professor of technology in education, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for TeachHUB, monthly contributor to Today’s Author and a freelance of many books. She is also a great inspiration.
 They thought Miami Book Fair 2017 was pretty awesome.
“You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!”

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Miami Book Fair 2017

This is the email I sent and received from;-

All America Star Books

I will be attending the Miami Book Fair 2017. Here is the email confirming the event:-

Hi Sarah

Can I just confirm you will be wearing my book cover as a T-shirt at the Miami book Fair 2017?
So exciting.

Rayner x


Hello Rayner!

Yes!!! You are all set for Miami 🙂

Thank you! Hope you have a lovely day!

Sarah Balukoff

Special Services Coordinator
America Star Books

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US Radio show wants To Interview – Author, Rayner Tapia

I have received an email from Paperback Radio.

Hello, I am Alice Rush, co-host of the weekday noon – 2PM EST Paperback Radio News show.

I am one half of the husband-and-wife team of Alice Rush and Willem Meiners, co-hosting the Paperback Radio News show. We would love to share your good and cheerful book news with the rest of the world. As in: the world, literally. We reach listeners all over North America, every day and night, but also in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia. Almost every country in the world has popped up on our audience screen.

Will you share your good book news with me? Reply to this email with your story. I will then certainly talk about it, live, on Paperback Radio, starting today!

Thank you!

Alice Rush,

co-host, Paperback Radio News

I will keep you all posted when the Radio show is conducted.

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Oprah Winfrey Book Club and TV Appearance

America Star Books

 She is the mother of all book promotions. When Oprah  Winfrey selects a new book of the month, it becomes an overnight bestseller, worldwide.

The year 2017 will bring a string of new Oprah winning picks. And the question is: will your book be one of them?

What are the odds of your book becoming Oprah’s next pick? It is impossible to know, except for one little detail: your odds are zero if she or her team don’t even know about your book.the-last-enchantment


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the-last-enchantmentthe-dream-catcherbardmorkanns-revegne2All  America Star Books will promote my books at  the big fairs and festivals 2017:

Book Expo America, London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Miami Book Fair International, Los Angeles Times

Festival of Books, the American Library Association mid-winter and annual Conferences, Baltimore Book Festival, and so on.

My books to appear 4 times in 2017, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, we’ll knock on the doors of Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Ingram, Target.

 As I am in the UK they will  send me all four catalogues at once (just to help out on international shipping) – so keep an eye out for these in early spring.


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LA Times Festival of Books 2017

LA Times Festival of Books 2017

All Star Books  have  requested details of my books to be showcased at the festival. Privilege and honour to be asked to showcase my books at festival.

the-dream-catcher the-last-enchantment

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Magnetic Calendar merchandise 2017

A new  Magnetic Calendar created.

Source: Magnetic Calendar merchandise 2017

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